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Annette was lucky enough to acertain a coral collection from Naples, Italy.

With the pieces being naturally organic in style, Annette designed this necklace to bring out the best proportions in the coral thus giving a well balanced piece. 18ct gold beads either side of the large coral enhance and compliment the natural colour of this coral.

A special necklace that will add chic elegance to every outfit. 


The necklace measures 48cm in length (end-to-end) and the large coral central piece measures 5.7cm width (left to right).

No 1 Rare Coral Shape

SKU: 990022
  • Coral, 18 ct Gold, Gold Plated Silver

  • Neckline:

    19 in, 

    48 cm

    Coral Piece:

    2,1x1,3 in, 

    5,7x3,5 cm

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